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A new complaint handling system

On 1 May 2012, following two years of intensive planning and implementation, the TIO transferred to a new complaint handling system, RADaR. A significant update to our infrastructure, RADaR is designed to deliver greater efficiency and effectiveness in the TIO’s day to day operations.

RADaR replaces a complaints management system that was more than a decade old, and is based on Resolve software, which is used by most other Ombudsman offices in Australia. RADaR provides a complete complaint record for every dealing, and has allowed the TIO to move to a largely paperless record system. RADaR automates some of our current administrative tasks, and will in due course provide additional scope for data analysis, which will give increased reporting and trend analysis capacity.

RADaR’s infrastructure addresses the needs of the TIO in a dynamic telecommunications industry, and ensures the TIO is well-placed to address forecast consumer demand for the Ombudsman’s services.