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Complaints by state

Australia wide

Total new complaints to the TIO per state in 2011-12 closely reflected state by state populations based on the Australian Bureau of Statistic’s 2011 census. The three states with the highest number of complaints to the TIO were also the most populous: New South Wales was the state with the highest number of complaints, followed by Victoria and Queensland.

However, in proportion to their population, the states with the highest numbers of complaints were Victoria (10.6 complaints per 1,000 people), South Australia (9.9 complaints per 1,000 people), and ACT (8.9 complaints per 1,000 people).

The 10 postcodes with the most complaints per 1,000 people concentrated in inner city Victoria, with five postcodes in the top 10 and New South Wales, with four postcodes in the top 10. In proportion to its population, the postcode with the highest number of complaints in Australia was 3000, which corresponds to Melbourne City, with 24.4 complaints per 1,000 people.

Across all states the most complained about issues were in the categories of customer service and complaint handling, with consumers facing problems about receiving incorrect or inadequate advice by customer service staff, and about not having promises actioned by their providers once they had made a complaint.

These issues are symptomatic of other, more substantial issues that are also themes in all states – poor mobile phone coverage and disputes over high bills.


To provide a worthwhile comparison of complaint numbers between postcodes, we have taken into account postcodes with populations greater than 1,000 people and where the TIO received more than 100 complaints.

Population data was sourced from population data by Postal Area (POA) as per the Australian Bureau of Statistics 2011 Census. The TIO captures most consumers’ residential postcodes or their place of business when we record a new complaint. However, we may not record a consumer’s postcode if the complaint was submitted online.

Postcode information was available for 98.2 per cent of new complaints received this year. The remaining 1.8 per cent of complaints where the postcode was not captured may result in minor discrepancies between the sum of individual states’ complaints and the number of new complaints published elsewhere in this report.

State New complaints
Number Percent
NSW 60,398 31.7%
VIC 56,785 29.8%
QLD 34,077 17.9%
SA 15,936 8.4%
WA 15,832 8.3%
ACT 3,203 1.7%
TAS 2,883 1.5%
NT 1,169 0.6%

Top 10 postcodes




3000 Melbourne 24.4
3008 Docklands 22.2
5000 Adelaide 21.9
2150 Parramatta 21.5
2000 Sydney 20
2015 Alexandria 19.6
2045 Haberfield 19.4
3754 Doreen 19.2
3182 St Kilda 19.1
3061 Campbellfield 18.8

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*Complaints per thousand

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